Key Stage 3

The School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets all statutory requirements enriched by a wide range of additional opportunities for learning and personal development which prepares them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.

Students have the option to specialise in the following Curriculum Areas in Year 9. Please click to complete your online preference form:

Please complete your preference form by 27th February 2017

Subject Periods per week
Humanities (History, Geography and RE) 3
Creative Arts 2
Design Technology 2
Business & Computing 2


We look to:

  • provide experiences which promote active and purposeful learning;
  • enable understanding and skills to be applied to issues, problems and practical tasks;
  • raise students’ expectations, encourage participation and increase self-confidence and independence;
  • allow individual students to progress at a pace which provides both challenge and support;
  • give opportunities for students to work together, be well managed and supported by appropriate resources.
  • the school curriculum follows a timetable of 29 period per week.  Lessons are 50 mins in length and can be a mixture of single double or triple lessons.

In Key Stage 3 Year 7 & 8 students follow:

Subject Number of Periods per week Y7
Number of Periods per week Y8
English 4 4
Mathematics 4 4
Science 4 4
Creative Arts 2 3
Business/Computing 3 3
Design Technology 3 3
Humanities (History, Geography and RE) 4 3
Modern Foreign Languages 3 3
PE 2 2

In Year 9 we have a core offer which all students follow.

Subject Number of Periods per week
English 5
Mathematics 5
Science 5
Modern Foreign Languages 3
PE 2