This academic year (2016-2017), all students in years 7-10 have been provided with a homework booklet which contains every piece of homework for the duration of the school year. They will be asked to complete a task from the booklet once per fortnight as directed by their class teacher.

The Mathematics Curriculum Area is an extremely well-motivated and dedicated team. Each curriculum area member teaches across the age and ability range. The department has nine full time mathematics specialist teachers as well as two part time non specialists all with a range of interests and experiences. Mathematics is taught in nine adjacent rooms on the ground floor of Block 2. All teaching rooms are equipped with ceiling data projectors and interactive whiteboards which are used extensively, along with sets of texts, calculators and practical equipment.

Mathematics is taught to all students in Years 7 to 11 in four 50 minute lessons each on a different day of the week (a total teaching time of 3 hours 20 minutes). The number of students in each set varies, but in general would be no more than 30. Sets are adjusted at least once a year following standardised tests. In Year 7 and 8 the sets are jointly determined by Maths and English, whilst in Year 9 they are jointly determined by Maths, English and Modern Languages. At the end of each year students complete an assessment.

In Key Stage 4 the sets are determined solely by Maths. Students follow OCR’s linear GCSE course at either foundation or higher tier. There is no coursework at GCSE.

Post 16 students receive 6 lessons per week (a total teaching time of 5 hours) as they follow Edexcel’s AS/A2 Syllabus. All students currently follow a common Year 12 course (Cl, C2 and S1), as well as in Year 13 (C3, C4 and Ml/D1). A GCSE Re-sit Course is offered in Year 12 for students who have a grade D, as well as a Numeracy course for level 1 students.

To promote a wider interest in Mathematics the curriculum area actively encourages participation in Schools Fantasy Football to all students and staff, UK Mathematical Challenges are offered to the more able students in all years. Revision classes, booster classes and coursework catch up sessions are a regular feature and support is available to students at all times of the day before school, as well as at lunchtimes and after school.